Our loved ones are the most special people in our lives. These personal portraits are a great way to honor them and show them how much we appreciate their dedication, commitment, and love. 

The formal paintings in historical garments are what I call "Instant Ancestors" using the face of a family member as if it were the great, great grandmother's painting. Of course this style requires a bit of research to find the perfect bit of history but the results are authentic, humorous, and a great conversation piece for $800- $1000.

Informal portraits can be anything! Snapshots of playing tennis, enjoying a favorite view, or engaging in a church service.

Attention to detail is a critical component of these portraits and as such the process requires more intense focus/time than other paintings, but wow, the results are so unique! Near the end of my painting time, I will email a photo for your comments, corrections, and approval so you are guaranteed satisfaction.

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1. Send your request, desired size,  and digital photo to

2. Once your portrait is almost done, I will email you a picture and ask for any comments, requests, or suggestions.

3. When I'm finished and you're completely satisfied, click on the price/size option   above and complete your order!

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