Jesus, the center of every beautiful Christmas memory.

See flower gallery below


1. Pick your favorite flower below or take an excellent picture of a flower. 

2. Send your selection or picture and any other details to

3. Once I'm finished painting, I'll send you a picture of the completed portrait BEFORE you pay!

4. If you're satisfied, click on the "Price" flower above and complete your order!


"My love for you is as pure and fresh as a daisy, as passionate as a red rose, as heavenly as a blue iris.... Happy Valentines, my Beloved!"  

Pick a flower and a size, and I will paint it for your resplendent loving gift! I think a large painting of a closeup rose would be glorious. Or a small single flower for the side table....a constant reminder of love.

I am currently painting flower closeups in 16 x 20 for $200,  11 x 14 for $150, and 8 x 10 for $60....all done on wrap around museum stretched canvas so they could be hung without a frame.

Great Spring gift! Great Grandmother gift! If your mom or grandmom has a favorite flower email me to bump that flower to the top of my list. I really enjoy painting these and think they will look great in both traditional and contemporary decor. 

​PRICE    (Contact us for custom sizing)

Flowers and fruit and more flowers!

Flower & Fruit